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Shut the storybooks you thought you knew! The next generation of fairytales are about to discover there is more to becoming a legend than being destined for greatness, and friendship is stronger than any magical curse.

Whether these High School students embrace their legacy or choose to rewrite their destiny, the script is about to be flipped. This isn’t your mother’s fairytale…

this is Ever After High! Where Princesses Are Powerful!

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Apple White is a royal and strongly feels that everyone should follow their destiny. However, when Raven Queen rebelled, many people turned their backs on their stories and joined Raven.

Apple White shares a room with rebel Raven Queen and follows in her mother's footsteps. Her BFFA's are Briar Beauty and Blondie Lockes, who are also royals.

Apple enjoys Kingdom Management class as she is required to be a good future queen however dislikes Cooking Class-ic because someone keeps trying to poison her.

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Epic Winter - Official Trailer

Epic Winter - Official Trailer


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